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Kanye West Has Gone Full Retard [Blog]

Honestly, I’ve been turned off by Mr West ever since he decided to go against La Familia by putting Hov & Queen Bey on blast by airing dirty laundry. Nobody messes with the Carters, that’s a thing that’s been tried, tested and true. But now, and for the past few months, I mean damn! Ebro says it best when he explains that Kanye West has basically been bundling up a bunch of different subjects of conversations involving all walks of life into one weird, senseless and discomforting package and a majority of individuals have been following him like a ball at a tennis match as he bounces around from one side to another other, for the sole reason that (generally) decent music might be dropped.

This past weekend, Saturday Night Live’s latest season (44th!) premiered with Kanye West as the musical guest. He actually got to perform three songs, including one after the closing thank you’s by Adam Driver (the guest host), which never happens and he did so while while wearing the MAGA hat. The story goes that after the show went off air, he brought back the whole cast on stage and went on a dreadful pro-Trump rant in front of the live audience and the rest of the crew. Which he then chased with tweets and further comments to TMZ in the days that followed. And for such blatant display of lunacy, he even received outright support by his commander-in-chief and Lord Of The Idiots. As Cenk Uygur, host of TYT, describes: “him and Trump, two peas in a pod”.

Wake up Mr West, everybody knows you never go full retard.

Mr. Alicia Keys, the one and only Swizz Beatz decided to take it upon himself to lead the charge to wipe out the foul stench that Kanye West is carrying around with his red herring hat.