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Behind-the-scenes with Lou-Pascal Tremblay x Avril Magazine [Productions]

Similarly to a fastidious drumline, the Avril Magazine team doesn’t skip a beat as they continuously churn out monthly editions of their digital gazette in which they promote talented individuals across our beautiful city of Montreal through a critically artistic lens. September 2018 features Lou-Pascal Tremblay, a young actor who has also recently discovered a newfound passion for directing. As with every edition for the past year or so, I’ve been present and ever so enthusiastically capturing the whole production. This time around, “retro” was the name of the game, with a big shoutout to Justine Gagnon as always for a meticulous artistic direction.

Interesting side-note: our shoot location was found through Airbnb and it was only after we completed our work that I found out that we were actually located at The Club, self-described as a hub for “Queer Erotica, Activism and Sex Ed. From the creator of Girl’s Club and Votes4nudes”.