Who is T•[REC]?

A little bit about the eye behind the camera…

Snapped by Mckean Phonsamreth | www.mckean.work/

Snapped by Mckean Phonsamreth | www.mckean.work/


The name is Tarek Al-Nosir and I am an avid lover of all things cinema and entertainment. I am graduate of the inspired Cinema, Video & Communications at Dawson College in Montreal, QC, Canada.

What began as a one-off request to capture and commemorate a close friend’s foray into club event planning and promotion (shout out to King Of Clubs!) didn’t take long to snowball into a series of opportunities to showcase my newly-found abilities and passion.

Over a decade and numerous hurdles later, I have finally decided to launch a website in order to present the monthly productions which I am consistently involved in. 99.9% of what you can enjoy on here is handled by myself, from pre-planning (when the budget permits) to finalization.

I haven’t figured out how to reinvent the wheel just yet but I take pride in offering clean, traditional editing along with competitive pricing. In addition, time-honored values inspired by my very own family’s history of dedicated business compel me to treat your goals as my own to attain.

I look forward to hearing from you, be it that you are a patron of past or a new collaborator!